days i've lived
cat playlist (collabarative)


one day a cat went up to me asked me if i wanted to call myself 91cats.
"what kind of name is that?" i asked.
"the name of the gods" they answered.

i went online as 91cats.
91 came from my favorite cafe.
i like cats so i put it in my name.
everyone knew me by this new name.

i ate the instant noodles i stole from my grandfather that night. it tasted good.
i would love to play genshin impact but the dogs won't let me.
i wrote useless stories instead.
stories that meant nothing.

a black cat visited me.
"why do you write these long, long paragraphs of virtually nothing?"
"it means something to me. there's no such thing as nothing"
"thats bullsh. do something productive."

it was scary that night.

i couldn't sleep anymore.


fun faq!

dm me anywhere to ask questions!
i probably won't answer them

Q: who are you?
A: a cat from space

Q: why are you here?
A: to annoy someone

Q: what can i call you?
A: cat

Q: pronouns?
A: cat/catself neopronouns. others are fine i just don't prefer it

Q: what programs?
A: firealpaca

Q: face reveal?
A: no

Q: voice reveal?
A: perhaps

Q: why do you animate most of your art?
A: it looks funny

Q: are your commissions open?
A: look on twitter or toyhouse for updates

Q: do you take drugs?
A: maybe

Q: what are your favorite games?
A: any game with cats in it

Q: are you gay?
A: depends

Q: do you support nfts?
A: i don't like fungi

Q: are you a cat in real life?
A: depends

Q: how old are you?
A: 14

Q: where do you live?
A: somewhere in malaysia

Q: are you a furry?
A: up to intepretation

Q: inspiration?
A: my pet cat


im very good at art

commissions are open
join my server on discord then dm me to order one

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normal - tba
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full bodies

normal - tba
simple animation - tba

only here for self accomplishment
if i die remember to stop the timer for me