cat/eva/ava/91 - she/they

terms of service

probably compliant as of 17/9/2022by purchasing a commission by me, the almighty 91cats, you automatically agree with my tos.


  • all art is for personal use only (icons, banners, printing it out and blending it, etc.). commercial use is disallowed. credit not needed unless you repost the artwork. i need credit to attract people to join my cult

  • do not use my artwork in anything related to NFTs or i will turn your pronouns into was/were

  • i may display your commission in other galleries / websites or show it to random street cats. if you wish for the commission to not be shown anywhere, please let me know

  • all payments must be upfront

  • my turnback time is around a month i may get a serious disease every now and then but i'll try my best

  • i may have late response times because i constantly need to deal with reality tearing apart or whatever. just personal issues

  • you may remind me about my commission at any time or ask for wips, but note that i don't usually have wips ready

  • i don't usually show wips because my work process is non existent and you'll just get a finished product. do let me know if you wish to have wips shown, though

  • you are allowed to request minor changes to the commission once finished, or any changes for wips.

  • in any case i cannot complete the commission, i will give a full refund

  • i almost die sometimes so if i do actually die i apologize (you might still able to get a refund dont worry)

any questions? do ask me.
i bite but im quite pathetic.

only here for self accomplishment
if i die remember to stop the timer for me